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  • Who We Are?

    Who We Are?

    Linkgas Engineering Enterprise Pte. Ltd. was formed in 1993. The owners (Joe Lim and Anlina Poh) have been working together for many years through their own hard work and discovered Linkgas could enhance its contributions to fire protection industries. It started as a small business supporting friends and peers in the service, maintenance and fabrication works. Within a short period of time, Linkgas had garnered and gained great trust from other bigger and well established fire protection companies appreciative of their services and quality works. Since then, Linkgas had grown and strived to be among the few respectable fire protection companies contributing to many projects in the fire protection industries especially in the fire restaurant suppression system.

  • What We Do?

    What We Do?

    Linkgas provides many activities in fire protection business in areas namely the Oil and Gas, Commercial and Industrial as well as Marine Sectors. Our activities includes: -

    • Supply
    • Services, Inspection and Maintenance
    • Consulting and Design
    • Fabrication and Installation Works
    • Engineering & Technical Support Supervision
    • Training
  • What to Expect from Us?

    What to Expect from Us?

    Employees are considered to be Linkgas’ main asset. Honest and dedicated, they are individually handpicked and personally trained by the owners, and most are specialized in their respective work trade. Linkgas employees are also specially factory trained by every manufacturers and distributors they represent.

    With the abundance of trained and experienced workforce at its disposal, Linkgas provides clients and prospecting customers with quality work in every project and endeavor. Customer’s satisfaction is Linkgas’ GOAL.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Projects, Works and Assignments are usually constrained by time and budget, documentation, approval and most importantly quality. Linkgas has the experience and expertise to meet and deliver all these tasks within a specific given time frame and cost. Undertaking such works include: -

    • Collecting and gathering of documents
    • Applying for approval from relevant authorities
    • Commissioning and function test of System and Equipment
    • Providing support in engineering and construction stages
    • Operation, Service and Maintenance works

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